Lose Weight by Overcoming These 10 Disastrous Dietary Habits

Ditch the habits of the past to create the you of the future

Weight loss takes an extreme level of discipline and commitment, and the hardest part is breaking old dietary habits. Eating habits are deeply ingrained into the psyche from a young age. Whether it is the distinct aroma of Kraft macaroni or the comforting familiarity of an Oreo cookie, powerful food memories can dictate what we eat as adults. Surprisingly, old dietary advice can stick with us just as vividly as the creamy filling of an Oreo, and this can lead to some bad habits as well. Nutritional advice such as sticking to a low-fat diet or avoiding cholesterol-heavy eggs is outdated and has been largely disproved.

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It’s not just outdated advice that can cause problems — the recent wave of health-conscious consumption has created some new fads that can set you up for dietary disaster and potentially hinder your ability to lose weight. Juice cleanses and skipped meals might initially show results, but these weight loss strategies are unsustainable over the long term and can prevent you from making truly important lifestyle and dietary changes.

The satisfaction of dropping pounds and fitting into that special outfit or looking particularly toned on the beach doesn’t come from quick fixes. It comes from continuous dedication — and from overcoming these 10 disastrous dietary habits.

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